Shade Wholesalers stocks a wide variety of Shadecloth fasteners and fastening systems.

Rectangular Plates

For attaching shadecloth to timber pergolas/structures


Waterproof Fasteners

Dome head galvanised nail with rubber seal for attaching waterproof fabrics to timber pergolas/structures


Lacing cord and needle kits

For lacing shadecloth to pipe frames


Butterfly Clips

For securing shadecloth to tensioned wire or for joining shadecloth



Secures hothouse fabric around tensioned wire up to 2.5mm


Shadecloth Joining Pins

Shaped like harpoons – 75mm long - overlap shadecloth to be joined then push harpoons down through both layers then back up through both layers. Hook on back of harpoon prevents it pushing all the way through and barbs behind pointed end prevents harpoon slipping back.


Weedmat Fixing Staples/Pins

Steel U-shaped pins push through fabric to secure to the ground


Cable Ties

Black U.V. stabilised for a variety of uses such as attaching shadecloth to pipe frames


C-Clips and Pliers

For attaching shadecloth to steel mesh and chain wire

We stock single operation or cartridge c-clips and pliers


Fastening Systems

Fastening systems give the most professional and strongest solution to attaching fabrics to frames and pergolas.


Shadefix is the most versatile Shadecloth fastening system on the market today. Shadefix is ideal for use on timber or metal frames. Shadefix Galvanized Metal Strips are 600mm long and are simply nailed, screwed or riveted continuously to the perimeter of a frame or pergola and the Shadecloth fits onto the metal prongs and can be adjusted to the desired tension. Shadefix enables the Shadecloth to be removed or replaced if required. Shadecloth can span up to 3 metres with the Shadefix fastening System. Shadefix Galvanized Metal Strips can be used on their own or can be used with the PVC “Paintable” Cover Strips and Corners for a neat professional appearance. Note: Cover Strip must be fitted first if it is required.






Ezy-Fix is a revolutionary new fixing method for Shadecloth and other fabrics. Ideal for use on timber or metal frames & pergolas. Ezy-Fix consists of 2 parts - A base section & a top locking sleeve. Both parts are UV stabilised PVC and the top locking sleeves are available in Black, Green or Beige.

Just screw or rivet the base to the frame - lay fabric over base and tap the locking sleeve onto base with a rubber mallet - then trim fabric for a neat professional finish. Ezy-Fix allows you to replace the fabric as required.








Fastline is a 2 Part fastening system. Fastline comprises a U-Shaped Base Channel and a press-fit Locking Top.

Fastline is flexible and is ideal for use with all vinyl, canvas, plastic screens, polyfabrics, shadecloth, hothouse fabrics, waterproof shadecloth etc. up to 1.2mm thick.

Fastline is made from impact resistant (marine grade & foodsafe) U.V. resistant plastic which is guaranteed for 5 years against U.V. breakdown. Testing has shown that Fastline is expected to last 15-20 years. Because Fastline is flexible it is perfect for curved frames and unusual shapes.

The cost savings in sewing and labour makes Fastline an economical alternative to other options.

Available in Black or White.

Installation Notes:

1. Recommended spacing for screws / rivets is 150mm for normal conditions or every 75mm for sharp curves or extreme load conditions.

2. It is advisable to attach a screw through the locking strip and through base section at the ends and every so often to ensure locking strip does not release during extreme conditions.

3. For sharp curves it is advisable to apply heat with a Hot Air Gun (Hairdryer will do) as you screw / rivet the base to the frame.

4. Fastline can be installed at any angle from 0 ° - 90 ° but achieves maximum fastening strength when fabric is tensioned at right angles (90 ° ) to the base channel.